Founder, Dorothy Wicks

Founder, Dorothy Wicks

Garden Path Organics is an online natural beauty store that was born out of my personal quest to find skin care products that are natural, effective at anti-aging and skin rejuvenation, and toxin-free.


I started my journey into natural and organic skin care after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. There was no genetic history of breast cancer in my family. I began searching for answers as to how my body had developed cancer, which got me thinking about environmental factors that may have affected my health. I’ll admit that I used to live for a good spa session and loved nothing more than splashing on fancy beauty brands. I regularly tried out new products, everything from body washes to lotions and body sprays – I even got excited about candles and room diffusers.


I started by reading ingredient lists on beauty products. I found many nearly- unpronounceable words! I began conducting research on specific ingredients and reading medical journals. I learned about the insidious word ‘fragrance’ and how many cosmetic and beauty brands cover up harsh and carcinogenic chemicals contained in their products by listing this word in their ingredient lists instead. How could they possibly get away with this? And don’t even get me started on preservatives! My research made me a bit queasy thinking about the many harmful ingredients that we don’t know are in beauty and skin care products.


So I began my quest. I started out wanting better products for myself and my tribe! I got my family and friends to use organic lip balm and body butter I concocted in my kitchen and slowly expanded my natural skin care to face creams and cleansers. I began hearing how wonderful skin felt after using my products, how cases of eczema were vanishing and how my body butter stopped skin from cracking and bleeding. As demand for my products increased, I mixed up more.


I was extremely pleased people were enjoying my products and asking for them again! So I thought, why not share this with the bigger tribe of awesome women looking for natural beauty alternatives that work? And so, Garden Path Organics was born.


If you’re reading this page, you’re likely fed up with deceiving ingredient lists also. I sincerely hope you give Garden Path Organics skin care products a try. I’m certain you’ll be amazed with how great your skin will look and feel.


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